SOVAG - Your Partner For East-West Business
SCHWARZMEER UND OSTSEE Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft SOVAG is an insurance company registered in Germany operating under German law with Russian capital.

The experience gained through this unique setup enables SOVAG to be the premier partner for East-West business. SOVAG offers optimum insurance protection for both Western companies planning to expand their commitment in the countries of the former Soviet Union, and for companies in the CIS countries looking for an increasingly international basis.

SOVAG supports investors from the West with the company's mature know-how in risk management acquired in Russia, Kazakhstan and the other countries of the former Soviet Union. Thanks to this experience and its close ties to insurance companies in these countries, SOVAG offers cover for risks in these countries from its offices in Germany, London and Vienna.

SOVAG advises and offers insurance protection for Eastern European companies in the Western markets, either because their local insurance market does not offer adequate cover, or because West European creditors insist on insurance cover taken out in the West.

Thanks to its origins, SOVAG has intimate knowledge of Western market conditions so that like no other, it can offer tailor-made insurance protection to its clients from the countries of the former Soviet Union. SOVAG is an essential consultant for the correct interpretation of the clauses and provisions of insurance contracts in the East-West business.

Of course SOVAG also insures risks in the West European markets, working together with german and international insurance agents and brokers.

The latest rating in 2013 for SOVAG by the renowned rating agency A.M. Best Company, Inc. (#84710) resulted in a "B++ (Good)". Further information about the rating is available here.